Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining infrastructure in the public right-of-way that helps get you to your destination. The department manages sewage treatment for the region and provides vehicle maintenance service to other City departments and government organizations.

Public Works maintains more than 270 miles of streets, 265 miles of sewer pipes, 180 miles of storm water runoff systems, and 7,000 street lights.

The Public Works Department has 120 employees in three divisions:  Engineering and Development, Operations, and Water Reclamation.  All three divisions work closely together to ensure that the citizens of Medford enjoy properly built and maintained streets; sanitary sewer collection and storm drainage systems; and that wastewater is properly treated. 

The Public Works Department maintains more than 270 miles of streets, 265 miles of sewer pipes, 180 miles of storm water runoff systems, and 7,000 street lights.  


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The Operations Division evaluates, maintains, and repairs the City of Medford’s existing utilities (storm drains and sewers) to provide quality public infrastructure at the lowest life-cycle costs. This is accomplished by proactively working with other City divisions and departments to respond to citizen reported concerns, infrastructure issues, safety hazards (including weather related damage and snow response), and performing routine scheduled maintenance.

Additionally, Operations maintains an Inter-Governmental Agreement with several local agencies and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). This agreement is important as it provides uninterrupted safe, timely, cost effective, and professional services to citizens of the Rogue Valley when their local agencies don’t have the resources to do so.

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Since its construction in the late 1960’s, this facility has provided high levels of wastewater treatment to protect the Rogue River Basin.  The treatment facility has undergone a number of upgrades and expansions, keeping pace with advancing technologies, regulatory requirements, and the changing needs of the community.

The Division operates and maintains the City of Medford Regional Water Reclamation Facility (RWRF) that protects people, property, and the environment.  As a regional facility, RWRF provides wastewater treatment services for residential, industrial, and commercial sewage from the cities of Medford, Central Point, Eagle Point, White City, Talent, Phoenix, and Jacksonville in accordance with the Regional Sewer Agreement.  The Division also administers the Industrial Source Control Program to ensure the RWRF is protected from potential industrial discharges that could pass though or interfere with wastewater treatment processes.   The Process Control, Source Control, Laboratory, Maintenance, and Construction Management departments are fully staffed with dedicated professionals committed to protecting both the environment and the investment of the rate payers we serve.

Tours are available to the public as part of our Public Outreach and Education Program.  We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to a facility we are very proud of, and think you will be as well.


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