Citizen Academy

The City of Medford Citizen Academy is a free, eight-session interactive course designed to provide residents with an in-depth look into municipal government, as well as information about the services and programs provided by the City.

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Participants will:

  • Learn more about City government operations and services
  • Participate in dialogues with City leaders, City staff and other civic-minded residents
  • See taxpayers' investments at work
  • Expand their knowledge and become more informed on current and proposed projects within the City
  • Learn about opportunities to become more involved and help build a sustainable community
  • Receive first-hand information and have the chance to ask questions on any topic at the end of each session

The academy is open to all Medford residents 18 years of age or older. Each class is limited to 20 participants and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Step 1.Complete and Submit Application 

Please take a moment to complete an online application.

Apply Here

Step 2.Confirmation Upon Approval

Confirmation Upon approval, we will send out a confirmation and welcome email with detailed information on the upcoming classes.

Step 3.Attend and Learn

Simply show up to the first day of class and have fun getting know your local municipality!


Academy Topics

City Government 101: This course is designed for participants to learn about the roles of the Mayor, City Council and City Manager. You'll also learn about the city's vision, mission, core values and discuss the best ways to get important information out to citizens in this information-overland age.

Dollars & Sense: During this course, participants will learn how government budgeting works, what fees and taxes are collected and how these dollars are being spent.

We Build This City: Maintaining the city's public infrastructure system is key to a vibrant and sustainable community. Participants will gain knowledge about the city's infrastructure and upcoming projects, followed by a tour of the Service Center.

We Keep Your City Healthy and Active: This course is an opportunity for participants to learn about the city's parks and trails systems as well as recreational programs for youth and adults.

Planning & Developing Our Community: Participants will have a better understanding of how the city uses land-use planning, development policies, urban renewal and building codes to make Medford welcoming to businesses.

Keeping Citizens Safe: Part 1: Participants will get a first-hand perspective of what it takes to safeguard the Medford community by spending an evening with the city's Police department.

Keeping Citizens Safe: Part 2: In the second part of this course, participants will get a first-hand perspective of the inner workings of Fire-Rescue. You'll also get a tour of the station as well as an overview of all the fire and EMS apparatuses.

Graduation: Participants that have attended six out of the eight sessions will be recognized for the completion of the Medford Citizen Academy by the Mayor and Council.