Unified Appeal Board




About the Unified Appeal Board

The Unified Appeal Board performs the function of those boards created by the Uniform Building Code, Plumbing Code, Electrical Code and Mechanical Code; members must have knowledge of the building field.  

The duties of the Unified Appeal Board include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Hears appeals of a building official’s decision
  • Makes the decision on the basis of an appellant’s testimony, written statements or other supporting evidence as the Board deems appropriate









Term End

Jim Akery      Board Member - Licensed Contractor      1/31/2024
Sam Barnum      Non-Voting Board Member - Building Director       
Chase Browning      Non-Voting Board Member - Fire Marshal   
Mark Dew Board Member - Licensed Engineer 1/31/2024
Karen Greene       Board Member - Business Community Rep      1/31/2024
Brent Hackwell Board Member - At Large 1/31/2024
Marcy Pierce Board Member - Licensed Architect 1/31/2024


Meets only when called.




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Medford Municipal Code 2.475 - 2.479 - Unified Appeal Board

2.475 Unified Appeal Board; Membership

Notwithstanding any other provision contained in this code, all functions of boards of appeal described in Section 2.479 shall be performed by a board composed as follows:

(1) The Director of Building Safety, who shall serve as an ex officio nonvoting member, shall be the secretary of the board, and in that capacity shall be responsible for issuing and serving notices of meetings and hearings, notices of board action, maintaining a record of the proceedings of the board, and delivering all official records and documents of the board to the Recorder for maintenance as public records.

(2) The Fire Marshal, who shall serve as a nonvoting ex officio member and shall be notified of all meetings.

(3) Five members appointed for two-year terms by the Mayor and City Council. These five members shall elect a chairman. There must be one member from each of the following categories:

(a) A licensed general contractor.

(b) A licensed engineer.

(c) A licensed architect.

(d) A member of the business community of the city.

(e) A representative of the public not belonging to any of the foregoing categories.

(4) In addition, a panel of six members for a two-year term, each of whom shall have special knowledge in one of the following fields:

(a) Building construction.

(b) Heating and air conditioning.

(c) Substandard and dangerous housing.

(d) The sign business.

(e) Electrical installations.

(f) Plumbing installations. One member of the panel shall receive a call to attend each meeting at which matters dealing with his identified specialty are pending.

[Amd. Sec. 12, Ord. No. 2010-81, Apr. 15, 2010; Amd. Sec. 12, Ord. No. 2013-003, Jan. 3, 2013.]

2.479 Duties

The board established by section 2.475 shall perform the functions of those boards specified in:
(1) All specialty codes administered and enforced under Chapter 9 of the Medford Code.
(2) Section 2.303 of the 1991 Uniform Fire Code.
[Amd. Ord. No. 5237, Aug. 16, 1984; Amd. Sec. 2, Ord. No. 5419, Apr. 18, 1985; Amd. Sec. 1, Ord. No. 7730, Oct. 6, 1994.]