Hospital Facilities Authority Board




About the Hospital Facilities Authority Board

The Board acts as a conduit that allows nonprofit hospital facilities to float tax-free bonds.  General power of authority of the Board of Directors is outlined in ORS 441.525 through 441.595.  Except as otherwise provided by ORS, the Authority has all powers necessary to accomplish the purpose of providing hospital facilities for the people of Medford.









Term End

Ray Heysell    Board Member    1/31/2027
Ryan Martin    Staff Liaison  
Cindy Mayo    Board Member 1/31/2024
Jerryck Murrey    Board Member    1/31/2026
Cheryl Nicolay    Recording Secretary     
Shane Sevcik Board Member 1/31/2023
Mike Smith Board Member 1/31/2025
Eric Stark Council Voting Board Member     
Michael Zarosinski      Council Voting Board Member       


Meets only when called, generally once per year.

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Oregon Revised Statute 441.525 - 441.595

Medford Municipal Code 2.448 - Hospital Facilities Authority Board

2.448 Hospital Facilities Authority Board.

(1)  The Board shall consist of five members appointed by the Mayor and City Council.  Four members of the board must be residents of Medford.  One member may not be a resident of Medford, but must be a resident of Jackson County.  All five members shall be voting members.

(2)  Term of office.  Each appointed member shall serve a term of five years, with a limit of two consecutive five-year terms.  Members of the Board shall be appointed by the Mayor and City Council for a five-year term, except that shorter terms may be used to stagger appointments so that one term expires each year.

[Added, Ord. No. 2015-110, Oct. 15, 2015.]