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About the Parks & Recreation Commission

The Parks & Recreation Commission advises the Council on matters pertaining to the acquisition and development of public parks, recreation facilities, greenways and spaces.









Term End

Marie Cabler      Commissioner      1/31/2025
Julian Cordle      Commissioner 1/31/2025
Rich Hansen      Commissioner 1/31/2023
Elizabeth Leydsman    Commissioner 1/31/2024
Ryan Lundgaard Commissioner 1/31/2023
Phil Ortega Commissioner 1/31/2024
Dan Ratty Commissioner 1/31/2024
Sulayman Rizvi Youth Member 6/30/2023
Christopher Rose      Commissioner 1/31/2023
Richard Rosenthal      Staff Liaison
Eric Stark Council Liaison       
Jaime Stephens Commissioner 1/31/2025
Kevin Stine Alt Council Liaison       


Meetings are typically held the 4th Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm at the Santo Center, located at 701 N. Columbus Avenue.

Study Sessions are typically held the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm at the Santo Center.

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Medford Municipal Code 2.461 - Parks & Recreation Commission

2.461 Parks and Recreation Commission

(1) The Parks and Recreation Commission shall consist of ten voting members and one nonvoting ex officio member, as follows:

(a) Voting members: Nine members-at-large, and one youth member who shall be a student from a high school listed in Section 2.470(1). The youth member shall retain membership so long as the member is in regular attendance at a high school during the school year which falls within the one-year term.

(b) Nonvoting member: the Parks and Recreation Director.

(2) Voting members of the Commission, other than the youth member, shall be appointed by the Mayor and City Council for terms of three years, except that shorter terms may be used to stagger appointments so that the terms of three members expire each year. The youth member shall be appointed by the Mayor for a one-year term. Three-year terms for members other than the youth member shall begin February 1 and expire January 31. The one-year term for the youth member shall begin July 1 and expire June 30.

(3) The Parks and Recreation Commission shall adopt rules of procedure, as necessary, and shall by resolution establish either a regular meeting date or rules of procedure under which meetings may be called. Five voting members shall constitute a quorum.

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