Medford Urban Renewal Agency Budget Committee




About the Medford Urban Renewal Agency Budget Committee

The Medford Urban Renewal Agency Budget Committee is an advisory committee to the Medford Urban Renewal Agency Board of Directors.  The committee is comprised of nine public members as well as the Agency Board of Directors. 

It is the responsibility of the Committee to review the budget for consistency with the City Center Revitalization Plan and either approve or revise the budget submitted by the Executive Director.

Committee members do not have to be residents of the City of Medford.  Members cannot be officers or employees of the City, and must be registered voters.









Term End

Robert Bartalini    Committee Member    1/31/2024
Clay Bearnson  Councilor     
Rick Bennett  Committee Member 1/31/2026
Bill Boehning Committee Member 1/31/2023
Vacancy Committee Member 1/31/2024
Tim D'Alessandro    Councilor  
Ed Felan Committee Member 1/31/2023
James Hunter Committee Member 1/31/2023
Leslie Lundin Committee Member 1/31/2026
Chad Miller Councilor
Alex Poythress Councilor  
Peter Sage Committee  Member 1/31/2024
Sarah Spansail Councilor  
Randy Sparacino    Mayor  
Eric Stark Councilor  
Kevin Stine Councilor  
Amy Thuren Committee Member      1/31/2026
Michael Zarosinski      Councilor  


Meets only when called.




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