Medford 2040 Vision Implementation Committee




Step 1.About the Medford 2040 Vision Implementation Committee

The Medford 2040 Vision Implementation Committee monitors and supports implementation of the adopted Vision Action Plan, encourages lead partner action implementation, recommends modifications to the Plan, and promotes public awareness and input related to its progress.

The committee’s activities include:

  • A minimum of three committee meetings per year.
  • An annual written progress report to the Medford City Council on the Vision Action Plan’s progress.
  • Recommend, as necessary, proposed changes to the Vision Action Plan for City Council consideration.
  • Providing a public forum or other format to report and receive input on the Vision Action Plan.
  • Maintain ongoing two-way communication with lead partners to track and encourage action implementation.
  • Advise on community awareness and engagement efforts.

Step 2.About the Medford 2040 Community Vision Project

Medford 2040 is a plan for the future(PDF, 14MB), developed by people who live, work, and seek services in the community. Over a year in the making, the Vision Statement and Action Plan represent a collaborative and proactive effort on behalf of Medford residents, businesses, and government to shape the growth and development of the community over the next 20 years. The Vision is a picture of the community in the year 2040 as seen by community members from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and interests. The scope of this endeavor is far reaching and covers five topic areas:

  1. Fostering economic growth & resiliency
  2. Enhancing hometown
  3. Connecting community
  4. Fostering safety & wellness
  5. Promoting recreational opportunity

For more information visit the official website here.



The membership includes the following representatives:

  1. Public-at-Large (Chair)
  2. All Lead Partners with Two or More Assigned Actions
  3. Latino/a/x Community
  4. Medford City Council Liaison
  5. Four Community Members, with one from each Council Ward



Meetings will be held quarterly. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.


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