Land Survey

The Survey Section is responsible for a wide variety of tasks and services, such as topographic surveys for engineering design, determination of public right-of-way, construction layout/quality control, maintaining records for Vertical Benchmarks and Centerline Monument References. The following links provide access to the geographic maps and data for the Vertical Benchmarks and Centerline Monument References.

Smart-Phone Users: Visit your App Store and download the FREE ArcGIS application. Once the application is loaded on your phone, search for “Medford” to find online maps associated to the City of Medford.

Due to the large size of these maps, an alternative Web Browser to Internet Explorer may be needed such as Google Chrome.

Survey Control Map


The purpose of this map is to geographically manage the City of Medford survey records for centerline monuments, and make these records available to the public.

The information contained within this map is a collection of survey notes compiled from city and private surveyors since the early 1900’s, not all of these notes are represented on this GIS map. The records provided for each centerline location are in no particular order. They are shown in the order they were added to the data base. Make sure to look at all records for each centerline location in question.

Additional field notes may be available upon request. If a more extensive search is needed please call 541-774-2126 or email

Beware: If monuments are to be destroyed or paved over see ORS 209.


A vertical control network for the City of Medford is established and maintained by the City Surveyor's office. Survey monuments are located throughout the City to provide vertical elevation references for surveyors, engineers, builders, contractors and the general public.

The Benchmark information is also available by contacting the City Surveyor's office at 541-774-2126.

If any problems are found with the City benchmarks (i.e. improperly described/destroyed) or if it is necessary to destroy a benchmark during new construction please contact the City Surveyor's office so accurate information can be kept for future users. Historic Aerial Photography

A compilation of historic aerial photos from 1939 through 2007 is provided and maintained by the City Surveyor's office. These photos are being made available to land surveyors, engineers, planners, historians and the general public. These photos are separated by year and are in individual folders by year. Recent photos being the year 2000 forward use a naming convention with an index map near the bottom of each folder to help determine photo location.