Design Standards


Engineering Design Standards for Public Improvements(PDF, 909KB)

Asphalt-Concrete Pavement Structure Design Guidelines(PDF, 98KB)

Street Light Standards and Specifications(PDF, 126KB) (last updated April 23, 2019)

    Rogue Valley Stormwater Design Manual

Concrete Pipe Diagram(XLS, 24KB)

Pipe Material Table(XLS, 34KB)

Medford IDF Curve(PDF, 280KB)

As-Built Survey Submittal Requirements(PDF, 215KB)

Title Block and Utility Symbols Template(ZIP, 364KB)


Standard Drawings - DWG files(ZIP, 3MB)

Survey Monuments

Monument Case Detail

CD115(PDF, 47KB)

Iron Pin Detail

CD130(PDF, 63KB)

Storm Drain

Area Catch Basin w/Orifice Plate Detail

CD376(PDF, 35KB)

Standard Valley Gutter

CD702(PDF, 51KB)


BMC-1 (Unmetered)

CD961(PDF, 253KB)

BMC-2 (Metered)

CD962(PDF, 256KB)

BMC-1 / BMC-2 Specifications

CD963(PDF, 234KB)

BMC-1 / BMC-2 Foundation

CD964(PDF, 235KB)

Pedestrian Light Foundation

CD970(PDF, 249KB)

Type “R” Street Light Foundation

CD971(PDF, 247KB)

Type ‘A’ & ‘C’ Street Light Foundation

CD972(PDF, 243KB)

Pedestrian Street Light Footing

CD973(PDF, 238KB)

Residential Street Light Footing

CD974(PDF, 239KB)

Arterial & Collector Street Light Footing

CD975(PDF, 241KB)

Electrical Conduit Trench Detail

CD980(PDF, 274KB)

Junction Box Detail

CD981(PDF, 217KB) 


Standard Details - DWG files(ZIP, 1002KB)

 Concrete Curb Inlet

DET1372(PDF, 291KB)

Concrete Curb Inlet Gallery

DET1373(PDF, 222KB)