Engineering & Development Division

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The Division protects the public’s health and safety by establishing and enforcing standards for public infrastructure, including but not limited to: updating and implementing the Transportation System Plan, Sanitary Sewer Master Plan, and Storm Water Master Plan. Additionally, the Division designs public infrastructure and collaborates with developers, contractors, utilities, governmental agencies, and the general public who perform work in the public right-of-way.


Key Objectives

Contributing to new commercial and housing development in the City by making it easy for developers and contractors to do business with Public Works is essential.  This goal will be accomplished through prompt, accurate reviews of development-related infrastructure projects to ensure compliance with City standards and policies and by processing permit applications for transportation, right-of-way construction, grading permits, and subdivision plans in a timely manner.  Providing public infrastructure (streets, sewer, and storm drainage) construction and maintenance at the lowest life-cycle costs is critical to keep utility fees within Medford affordable.