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Record's mission is to collect, maintain and retrieve police data in order to support other division operations, other government agencies, and the public in a timely, economical, and courteous manner.

KEY OBJECTIVES:                                                                   

To enter police report data into records management system.

to enter Circuit Court and Municipal Court warrants, missing persons, lost/found, or stolen property into county, state, and national computer systems.

To submit incident based crime statistics to Oregon Law Enforcement Data System and FBI in accordance to state and federal guidelines.

To respond to requests for information, police services, and police reports in a prompt, fair, and courteous manner following Oregon guidelines for release of public records.

Records Request and Fees

The following are the current City of Medford fees charged for public record requests:

  • Readily available police reports or CAD entry up to 20 pages - $20.00 each, reports with redactions - $35.00. More than 20 pages - hourly fee of a Records Clerk, currently $56.00 an hour.
  • Crash Report Face sheet only - Free to involved parties
  • Records generated reports (Calls for Service, etc.) - $20.00
  • Microfilm Reports - $56.00 / hour to review and redact
  • Certified copy police report or CAD - $25.00
  • Digital photographs - $25.00 per CD, $2.00 for each additional copy ordered at the same time
  • Photographs - $1.00 per page (plain paper) up to 4 photos per page, plus research time if required. Additional charge for photo quality paper. Actual cost for aerial photographs
  • Certification of reports - $20.00 each (free for victims)
  • Audio or video CD/DVD - $56.00 per hour with a $25.00 minimum (includes CD/DVD)
  • MPD records check letter - $20.00 each. No Charge to United States Military or United States Protected Services
  • Notarized records check letter - $25.00 each
  • Statistical requests referred to Technical Information Bureau - $56.00 per hour. $25.00 minimum
  • MAV - $56.00 per hour for length of time needed to copy records. Minimum $25.00
  • Body Cam - $56.00 per hour for length of time to review and perform any needed redactions. Minimum $25.00


By clicking the link below, you will be routed to our Public Records Request portal where you can create a request, monitor updates, and communicate with City staff regarding an active request. To submit a request, you will need to create an account and provide an email address. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Police Records at 541-770-4783, or

Public Records Request Form


Open or confidential police reports cannot be released.  We cannot release reports/records involving juveniles.  Please contact JDH at (541)774-4800 regarding these records.  Record check requests released only with signed waivers on adult arrest records held by our department.

If you require further assistance, please contact the Records Division at (541)774-2250



Impounded Vehicle Release Information

In order to get a vehicle out of impound you will need the following:

  1. Proof of Ownership                                                                             truck.PNG

  • Name of registered owner or lien holder must be on DMV registration files, or
  • Official (stamped) paperwork from DMV showing transfer of title, or
  • A bill of sale that includes the notarized signature of the seller(s) listed on the vehicle registration and the name of the buyer (the buyer's signature does not have to be on the form or notarized), or
  • A vehicle title transferring ownership with the notarized signature of the seller(s) and the name of the buyer on the document, or
  • DMV paperwork the buyer received from the car dealership from which the vehicle was purchased.

2. Proof of Valid Insurance of the Vehicle

  • Insurance policy has to show the specific vehicle on the policy
  • Policy does not have to be in the registered owner's or lien holder's name

3. Proof that a person with Valid Driving Privileges will be Operating the Vehicle

  • Valid driver's license, or
  • Implied Consent temporary permit. (Issued to DUII drivers when license is confiscated.) This is valid for 30 days - 12 hours after issuance.

4. Police Department Administrative Fee

  • $120.00 cash or Visa/Mastercard credit/debit cards. Check is acceptable if local business(with a City of Medford business license.)



The vehicle taken into custody is subject to a $120.00 cash/credit administrative fee to be paid to the Medford Police Department.  Towing and storage charges are to be paid to the towing company and are separate from this charge.  The vehicle will be sold by the tow company if the charges are not paid.

The owner, possessor, or person having a legal interest in the vehicle is entitled to a hearing to contest the validity of taking the vehicle into custody and removing it, and to contest the reasonableness of the towing and storage charges.  In order to have a hearing, you must do the following three things:

  1. Request a hearing, in writing, and mail or deliver it no later than five days from the date of your tow notice.  Your hearing shall be set for four days after the request is received.  These time periods do not include Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays.
  2. Your request must state the grounds upon which you believe the custody and removal of the vehicle is not justified.
  3. Mail or deliver your written request to:  Medford Municipal Court, 411 W. 8th Street #285, Medford, OR 97501-3188.

Further information may be obtained from the Medford Police Department (541) 770-4783



Bicycle Registration

Here is the form to register your bicycle.

Sex Offender Registration

Oregon law requires sex offenders to report in person at a law enforcement agency in the county where they reside. Non-resident students and non-resident workers are required to report in person at a law enforcement agency in the county where they work or attend school. 

Please find the sex offender COVID-19 outbreak emergency protocol here(PDF, 48KB)

OSP Sex Offender Information

Sex Offender Registration is done Monday - Friday 10 am - 2 pm ONLY.




FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT:                                                 

RECORDS DIVISION 24 HOURS A DAY - 541-770-4783                             

EMAIL: RECORDS@CITYOFMEDFORD.ORG                                       


Kelli Daves, Records Manager