What Is My Property Zoned?

To find the zoning of your property, click the link to access Medford Land Information, the City’s public GIS system.  In the search bar labeled Find address or place, type the address in question and hit Enter.  Then, on the left hand side of the webpage, click the MLI icon (White square, with blue letters).  From there click the Quick Search button. Lastly, after you have selected Quick Search, click the property in question. The desired zoning information can then be found on the left hand side under Zoning.

You can find a pdf version of the City’s Official Zoning Map on the Planning Map Gallery page.

DISCLAIMER: For official rulings on a property’s zoning, which may be needed by lenders, please consult with the Medford Planning Department for a Zoning Verification, (541) 774-2380 (fees may apply). 



Zoning Map

Definition of Maptaxlot

The MAPLOT is a concatenation of Township, Range, Section, Quarter Section, Quarter-Quarter Section and Taxlot codes.


Township = 37

Range = 2W

Section = 25

Quarter Section =  D

Quarter-Quarter Section = A

Taxlot = 8600

The combination of these designations create the MAPLOT:


This number is included on your tax statement and is used as a unique ID for your property by the Planning Department.



Permitted Uses