Victim Assistance

Yellow tape with black lettering that says "crime scene"-used to restrict entry into a crime scene

Are you the victim in a Medford Municipal Court criminal case?

The City of Medford has implemented a program to assist victims in criminal cases that are prosecuted by the City Prosecutor. As a victim you will receive a letter from the municipal court that will provide specific case information, as well as a form to complete if you have suffered financial losses due to the crime.

When you have completed the restitution form you may then email the form to the City Prosecutor's office at

Please be aware, it may take several weeks for the letter to be sent to you.  If you are the victim in a municipal court and you do not receive a letter, please contact the City Prosecutor's office at (541) 774-2020 or  

Useful Definitions

victim is a person who has suffered financial losses as a result of a crime.  

defendant is a person charged with a crime. 

Restitution is the amount of money ordered by the court to repay the victim for financial losses caused directly by the commission of the crime. The defendant in the case is responsible for paying restitution. There is no guarantee the defendant will pay restitution. 

Restitution for Victims in Municipal Court Cases

Restitution is reimbursement to the victim, by the defendant, for losses incurred directly as a result of the crime being prosecuted.  Restitution may include property damage or loss and medical expenses or wages lost due to personal injury. "Pain and suffering" cannot be requested as restitution. Restitution is paid by the defendant through the municipal court. It is the court’s decision how much, if any, restitution is ordered.

Our office can provide additional information about filing a restitution claim or attending a restitution hearing. The  court can provide information as to the status of payments and when they will be disbursed.

The information on this site does not constitute legal advice. For legal advice contact the Oregon State Bar Lawyer Referral at 800-452-7636.