New Mural Under East Main Street Bridge

Published on June 17, 2021

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A new mural has been installed under the East Main Street Bridge. This new splash of color in downtown is a product of the Brighter Bridges Project, led by City staff and winners of the City’s second annual Innovation Challenge.

John Osgood, a California based artist, was chosen by an Artist Selection Committee comprised of local stakeholders to paint the 3,800 square foot mural. The theme of the mural is colorful geometric shapes and birds, which the Brighter Bridges Project team hopes will help transform the area into a warmer, more welcoming environment. The City will also be installing lighting and a security camera in the area.

This is the second mural to be installed as a result of the City’s Innovation Challenge. Each year City staff are encouraged to team up and develop innovative ideas that incorporate Council or approved department goals. Teams then present their ideas to City leadership and funding is provided to approved projects.







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