Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement division is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of all properties throughout the City. The division ensures compliance with the City's laws governing health and safety issues such as garbage accumulation, abandoned vehicles, substandard housing, and graffiti.

This division is comprised of four members : three full-time Code Enforcement Officers and one full-time Code Enforcement Program Manager, and one part-time Administrative Support Technician. These individuals handle thousands of cases each year and gain compliance through communication and education of local rules and ordinances that govern the City.

If you have something to report, please complete the online form provided below or call 541-774-2016.

When completing this form, please provide as much detail as possible to assist us in locating the issue/concern.

If reporting an abandoned vehicle, please complete the information regarding the vehicle, including the license plate and exact location of the vehicle in relation to the reported address.

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