Local Wetland Inventory

The Local Wetlands Inventory Report is available as a PDF document at the bottom of this page.  Clicking on the Adobe PDF icon will open the report in a new window.

The maps listed below are downloadable as PDF files.  Each of the eight Inventory maps shows a different section of the city, and the Index Map shows their relative locations.

You may want to first download the "Index Map" to find the area of study that you are interested.  Then proceed to click on each hyperlinked map number to download a map.

The files are large, so allow substantial transfer time if you are using a modem connection to the internet.

The maps are scaled for printing on a 36" x 24" sheet. Printing them at a different size will change the scale.


Medford Local Wetlands Inventory and Locally Significant Wetland Determinations(PDF, 3MB)


2017 Local Wetland Inventory Plan

City of Medford Urban Reserve Local Wetland Inventory Report (2017)

City of Medford Urban Reserve Local Wetland Inventory Maps (2017)