Comprehensive Plan

watercolor image The Medford Comprehensive Plan is an extensive document that states the City's adopted goals and policies regarding land use. These goals and policies establish a framework upon which to base decisions and actions related to the use of land. It is also a rich source of background information about the City of Medford including inventories, identified issues and alternatives, and discussions of alternative policies.

The City is required by the State of Oregon to designate sufficient types and amounts of land to accommodate the need for further urban development, taking into account local growth policies, the forecasted future population, open space needs, and carrying capacity.  

The Plan is divided into elements which are downloadable separately below. The Comprehensive Plan also incorporates by reference several otherwise independent plans, such as the Transportation System Plan, that are available in the Document Center.

Table of Contents(PDF, 80KB)

Citizen Involvement(PDF, 82KB)

Review and Amendment Procedures(PDF, 49KB)

Environmental Element (PDF, 3MB)
     - Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (2017)(PDF, 30MB)

Population Element(PDF, 809KB) 

Economic Element(PDF, 484KB)

Economic Opportunities Analysis(PDF, 2MB)

Housing Element(PDF, 4MB)

Buildable Lands Inventory(PDF, 269KB)

Public Facilities Element(PDF, 2MB)

General Land Use Plan Element(PDF, 125KB)

The General Land Use Plan Map is located in the Map Gallery

Neighborhood Element(PDF, 5MB) comprised of:
     - Southeast Plan
     - Southeast Circulation Plan
     - Southeast Commercial Center Core Area Master Plan(PDF, 3MB)
     - Bear Creek Master Plan(PDF, 10MB)
     - Urbanization Planning
     - Liberty Park Neighborhood Plan
     - Adopted Urbanization Plans

Southeast Plan Maps are located in the Map Gallery

Transportation System Plan Element (Attachments & Appendices)

Urbanization Element(PDF, 449KB)

Regional Plan Element(PDF, 3MB)

Conclusions, Goals, Policies and Implementation Strategies(PDF, 718KB)

List of Updates to the Comprehensive Plan(PDF, 223KB)