Information for Witnesses in Municipal Court Cases

Scales of justice and gavel

Trial Information

Municipal Court trials are held every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.  at the Medford Municipal Court. The City Prosecutor’s Office is responsible for sending subpoenas to victims, witnesses, and other involved parties listed within the police report.

Often, cases that are set for trial are postponed or resolved prior to the scheduled trial date. Witnesses will be contacted by a staff member from the City Prosecutor's office if a trial is postponed.  In the event the trial in a case is continued to another date, a subpoena will be re-issued to witnesses when the new trial date is scheduled.


As soon as you receive a subpoena for an upcoming trial, please call the City Prosecutor's office at (541) 774-2020.   

Additionally, please contact the City Prosecutor's office if:

  • You are unable to appear on the trial date
  • You do not recall the incident or details of the case
  • If your address, phone number or other contact information changes


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to court?

Be respectful.  You don’t have to wear a tie, but do not wear offensive tee shirts, etc.  Dress like you would for church or for a nice family gathering.  Please do not wear hats into the courtroom.

What do I say when am called as a witness?

Wait for a question from one of the attorneys.  Answer it truthfully.  Then wait for the next question.

Will the defendant get to harass me?

If defendant has an attorney, they will have an opportunity to ask you questions.  If defendant does not have an attorney, defendant can ask you questions.  The Judge will ensure that all conduct is appropriate.