City Council Approves Medford Community Vision Statement

Published on July 12, 2021

Medford 2040 Community Vision

The Council formally adopted the final Community Vision statement presented by the Task Force at the June 17 meeting,  advancing the community vision process to the next phase.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our community feedback survey. We received more than 400 responses on the draft Vision Statement and most people we heard from agreed the Vision Statement described how they want Medford to look and feel in the future.

The Community Vision Task Force reviewed the survey results and other community input to refine and finalize the Vision Statement (below).

Medford: A Hometown for All

In the year 2040, Medford is a vibrant, diverse, welcoming, and inclusive urban community that embraces, celebrates, and preserves the stunning beauty of its environment. As a flourishing regional hub whose diverse economic base provides unmatched business, education, and employment opportunities, Medford maintains a safe, healthy, and family-friendly atmosphere with a thriving and engaged community. All generations and culture work together to foster prosperity for all.

The Task Force will now begin preparing an Action Plan to achieve the vision. We will present the draft Action Plan later this summer for community feedback. For more information and to read the community feedback summary, visit





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