Implementation of Prohibited Camping Ordinance Begins

Published on May 03, 2021

Campsites along the Bear Creek Greenway

Implementation of the Prohibited Camping Ordinance began Monday, May 3 as members of the Medford Police Livability Team posted a 72-hour notice at seven campsites along the Bear Creek Greenway. Medford Fire personnel were on site to conduct fire danger assessments.

The number of camps noticed is subject to change based on a multitude of factors, including fire danger.

“Reducing fire dangers and addressing public safety concerns along the Bear Creek Greenway is our top priority as we begin implementation of the prohibited camping ordinance,” said Scott Clauson, Chief of Police.

Livability Team members and service providers will continue to work with campers throughout the 72 hours to connect them with shelter opportunities and services. As of today, the Urban Campground, Kelly Shelter, Hearts with a Mission and Medford Gospel Mission reported having one or more shelter spots available.

After 72 hours, crews will assist remaining individuals with the removal of their belongings from the Bear Creek Greenway and begin clean-up of the area. If individuals turn down services or refuse to leave the area, they can be charged with a misdemeanor as a last resort.

The overall implementation and clean-up process of camps along the Bear Creek Greenway is anticipated to take weeks, possibly months.

Background: The Medford City Council voted to approve the Prohibited Camping Ordinance on Friday, April 2. The ordinance provides clear time, place and manner regulations regarding sleeping or camping outside.

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