Council Approves Ward Boundary Updates

Published on May 23, 2022

City of Medford Ward Boundaries

Updated (5/23/22): The City Council approved the proposed Ward boundary changes on Thursday, May 19. The boundary changes will be in effect for the upcoming General Election in November.

The new ward boundaries distribute roughly 25 percent of the total population into each of the four wards. The boundaries also align with major geographic features such as I-5 and major City streets.

Click here to view the Ward Boundary Map.


Every ten years, the Medford City Council examines the population of City Council wards, based on the results from the U.S. Census. Data from the 2020 Census has been released and the City has created potential ward boundary adjustments to balance populations across wards and reflect the population change.

This process determines which neighborhoods and areas of the City are grouped together into a ward, for the purposes of electing City Councilors that represent each ward. 

Updating ward boundaries is based solely on population in the City’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) according to the 2020 Census. The UGB contains land that is within the City’s boundary, as well as land that can be annexed into the City. 

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