City Council Responds to Concerns about Firestorm Art Sculpture

Published on January 13, 2022

Front of City Hall building

On Thursday, January 6, we responded to a request from community organizers and, as a Council, approved $33,750 towards the funding of a 20-foot “Firestorm” sculpture intended to honor Almeda Fire victims.

Throughout the past week we have heard from Rogue Valley community members who have voiced their concern about the look, size and location of the statue.  It was Council’s intent to support a community symbol that inspires Rogue Valley community members.

At this time, the Council will be withdrawing financial support for this project and ask organizers to re-evaluate the sculpture and its location. We also request that the organizers create a public process for determining what the piece of art will look like and where it should go with the focus on representing the rebuilding of our neighboring communities.

We hear the concerns of those that live in Medford as well as our Rogue Valley neighbors and respect everyone’s experience with the tragic Almeda Fire. Our goal with our action tonight is to support the continued healing of our friends and neighbors.  


Randy Sparacino, Mayor

Kevin Stine, Council President/Ward 3

Eric Stark, Council Vice President/Ward 4

Alex Poythress, Ward 1 Councilor

Sarah Spansail, Ward 1 Councilor

Tim D’Alessandro, Ward 2 Councilor

Clay Bearnson, Ward 2 Councilor

Chad Miller, Ward 3 Councilor

Michael Zarosinski, Ward 4 Councilor  

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