Cooling Shelters and Severe Event Information

Published on July 07, 2021

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Cooling Shelter Announcement: the Medford Senior Center will be open and act as a Severe Event cooling shelter. The cooling shelter will be open Saturday through Sunday (July 24 - July 25) from 12 – 8 PM at the Medford Senior Center, located at 510 E. Main Street. 

The cooling shelter will provide water, cool resting area, restrooms, popsicles, snacks, and cooling area and water for pets. Individuals may come and go, with a facility capacity of 90 guests. 

Updates will be posted as-needed regarding additional cooling shelter dates and times throughout the summer. Please note: Locations of future cooling centers are subject to change throughout the year. 

Coordinating a response to Severe Events started as a community collaboration that has grown to a strong partnership, pulling together resources, expertise, and passion to make this happen. Interested in volunteering or have resources you want to contribute? Email for more information. Other churches and businesses are encouraged to open cooling shelters during summer months.

For more information about Extreme Event Shelters, please click here . 



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