4 Ways to Prepare for An Emergency

Published on August 01, 2022

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Fire season is well underway, and the City wants to help you prepare in case of an emergency. Here are four things that you can do: 

1. Sign up for Citizen Alert; Verify Account Information  

The City encourages all Medford residents to sign up for Citizen Alert. Residents are encouraged to review their information in Citizen Alert and make sure everything is up-to-date. The notification will include specific evacuation zone information for each registered user based off account details.  Click here to sign up or review a Citizen Alert account. 

When you verify your Citizen Alert account, keep the following in mind:
  • Each family member should have their own account.
  • You can select up to five addresses per account (home, work, school, etc.).
  • You can add Citizen Alert to your contacts. Add the following phone numbers to your phone’s contacts so you know when you’re receiving an alert from the City of Medford or Jackson County: 541-897-8556 and 88911 (text message).

2. Know Your Evacuation Zone 

The City has created a community evacuation map to help Medford residents and businesses prepare for an emergency evacuation. Neighborhood evacuation routes for each zone and an evacuation checklist are available in English and Spanish. Knowing your zone is critical to the evacuation process.  Click here to enter your address into the interactive map


3. Review Evacuation Checklist 

A variety of emergencies may require an evacuation, including a wildfire. You may have a few hours to prepare, other circumstances may require an immediate evacuation. If time allows, there are important steps you can take to better prepare yourself and your property before you leave. Download and print the following checklist of pre-evacuation steps and keep it visible - near your front door, on the refrigerator, or next to the garage door opener - and follow the checklist when time allows.

English (PDF)    Spanish (PDF)

4. Prepare Your Emergency Go Bag 

Make sure you have the items you need in case of an emergency. Download and print the following emergency go bag checklist: 

Emergency Go Bag Checklist

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