Proclamations are issued by the Mayor of the City of Medford. They may recognize a day, week, or month. The goal of a proclamation is to honor, celebrate, or create awareness of an event or significant issue.

To request consideration for an official City of Medford Proclamation, please email or call 541-774-2000.

City of Medford Official Seal

Annual Mayoral Proclamations

2021 Proclamations Issued

     January 18 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day(PDF, 429KB) 

     January 24-30 - School Choice Week(PDF, 427KB)  

     February - Veterans Suicide Awareness Month(PDF, 514KB) 

     March 29 -Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day(PDF, 83KB)     

     April - Arbor Month(PDF, 1MB)

     April - Water Conservation Month(PDF, 1MB) 

     April - Fair Housing Month(PDF, 1MB)

     April 7-11 - Days of Remembrance(PDF, 1MB)

     May - Building Safety Month(PDF, 129KB)

     May - National Preservation Month(PDF, 113KB)     

     May 7 - Callie Marek Day(PDF, 694KB)

     May 2-8 - National Travel and Tourism Week(PDF, 114KB) 

     May 15 - Kids to Parks Day(PDF, 110KB)

     May 15 Peace Officers Memorial Day(PDF, 104KB)     

     May 16-22 - National Public Works Week(PDF, 80KB)

     May 17-23 - Bike to Work Week(PDF, 188KB)

     June - LGBTQ Month(PDF, 516KB)(PDF, 516KB)

     June - PTSD Awareness Month(PDF, 253KB)

     June - Immigrant Heritage Month(PDF, 283KB)

     June - National Homeowner Month(PDF, 249KB)

     June - Men's Health Month(PDF, 406KB)      

     June 17 - Sue Naumes Day(PDF, 157KB)

     June 19 - Juneteenth(PDF, 73KB)

     July - Smart Irrigation Month(PDF, 83KB)

     July - Parks & Recreation Month(PDF, 92KB)     

     July 15 - Parks & Recreation Professionals Day(PDF, 90KB)

     August 31 - International Overdose Awareness Day(PDF, 383KB)

     September - Emergency Preparedness Month(PDF, 77KB)

     September 11 - Day of Service and Remembrance(PDF, 79KB)

     September 17-23 Constitution Week(PDF, 87KB)

     October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month(PDF, 188KB)    

     October - Community Planning Month(PDF, 161KB)

     October - Cybersecurity Month(PDF, 170KB)

     October 3-9 - Fire Prevention Week(PDF, 126KB)

     October 21 - Imagine a Day Without Water(PDF, 86KB)

     October 23-31 - Red Ribbon Week(PDF, 97KB)

     November - Family Court Awareness Month(PDF, 69KB)

     November 1 - Extra Mile Day(PDF, 94KB)

     November 5 - Rogue Valley Manor Day(PDF, 169KB)

     November 11 - Veterans Day(PDF, 91KB)

     November 18 - Small Business Saturday(PDF, 88KB)