Community Engagement Division

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The Community Engagement Division was created in 2019 to improve livability issues in the City of Medford.  This Division is compromised of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant and one Corporal that oversees the Livability Team, the Traffic Team, School Resource Officers, Community Service Officers, Photo Enforcement Program, and Community Resource/Cultural Outreach Program. 


Community Relations

 Strategic Transparency of Policing (STOP)

 All police agencies in Oregon participate in the Statistical Transparency of Policing (STOP) program, which requires that officers submit demographic data on officer-initiated enforcement stops. This data can be found by using this link, then click "View Dashboard" then "General Descriptives" then choose Medford PD from the drop box on the right.


Liaison Program

 The Southern Oregon Racial Equity Liaison's primary goal is to serve as a protective intermediary for Black community interactions with law enforcement. The goal of the office is to work in conjunction with all local law enforcement agencies as well as Jackson County Mental Health, EMT's, fire departments and also erve in toles with the administrations of our local universities and colleges. The program's goal is to cultivate vocally anti-racist law enforcement policies in our valley and improve the relationship between law enforcement and the black community by creating accountable and transparent relationships.

The Medford Police Department is working with The Southern Oregon Black Community Policing Initiative to create a liaison position with will be a trusted contact recognizing the history of distrust the Black community has in law enforcement and understanding the need to take steps to build a relationship founded on mutual respect. This will allow more citizens to be able to trust the process and empower them to be able to connect to the liaison for services. The liaison will also take hate crime reports and complaints about racism to the departments.


Neighborhood Livability Partnership

VIDEO: Neighborhood Livability Team

The Neighborhood Livability Partnership (NLP) was organized in late 2017 in order to combine the efforts of multiple City departments and community partners to find creative, long-term solutions for chronic nuisance properties and blight houses on a fact-specific, case-by-case basis. 

The NLP holds monthly meetings for collaboration and information-sharing; attendees include but are not limited to representatives from:

  • City of Medford Police (both Code Enforcement and Patrol), Legal, Building Safety and Planning Departments
  • Addictions Recovery Center
  • Jackson County Mental Health
  • Jackson County District Attorney’s Office, and Parole and Probation 


Report Nuisance Properties in Your Area:  541-774-2016 or

Livability Team

 The Livability Team officially kicked off in September 2019 after the Medford City Council and Budget Committee approved funding.
Livibility Team-16.jpg    This program adds dedicated police and code enforcement personnel to the downtownarea and Bear Creek Greenway in an effort to find a balance between enforcement and outreach and address livability concerns such as homelessness and chronic nuisance houses.

The team is currently focusing on the following areas of concern and have the flexibility to adapt to new areas:


  • Downtown
  • Greenway and Parks
  • Assist Code Enforcement on blight complaints
  • Work with Continuum of Care Coordinator to refer individuals to programs
  • Types of crimes the team would help address: drinking in public, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, occupied RVs, accumulation of junk, stored vehicles in the right-of-way.

Since its inception, the team has helped individuals work through housing applications, locate rent/security deposit assistance, given out bus passes, helped get proper identification for employment opportunities, and worked hard to build relationships with our community stakeholders, such as our non-profits and faith-based organizations.

To further promote a cooperative approach to this problem the team has recently formed the Chronically Homeless Outreach Partnership (CHOP) to bring together community stakeholders for high risk individuals.

We will continue to partner with local organizations and lead, where necessary, in addressing these issues, which will take time and patience in order to strike a balance between a hand-up, hand-out, and enforcement approaches.

Livability Team helps man find home



Bear Creek Health and Safety Operations

Medford Police, along with Jackson County Sheriff's Office, Jackson County Parole and Probation, Jackson County Mental Health, Rogue Retreat, Veterans Administration, Easter Seals Veterans Outreach, St Vincent de Paul and Rogue Disposal, perform monthly health and safety operations along the Bear Creek Greenway. The purpose of this monthly operation is to improve the safety, security, and cleanliness of the area. The operations are also used as a way to connect homeless individuals with social services.  Our cooperation with the Veterans Outreach program connects veterans with resources for housing in treatment facilities.

On average, over 400 cubic yards of trash are removed from the targeted area and illegal camps are eradicated.


Before Greenway Clean Up
Before Greenway Clean Up 
After Greenway Clean Up
After Greenway Clean Up




Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a group of people living in the same area who partner with law enforcement to make their neighborhood safer.  Neighborhood Watch groups have regular meetings to plan how they will accomplish these goals.  It is an opportunity to volunteer and work towards increasing the safety and security of our homes and community.

For information on starting a Neighborhood Watch group in your area, contact Community Service Officer Todd Sales:  541-774-2268 or email

Here is the most recent Neighborhood Watch Bulletin: September-2022-Neighborhood-watch.pdf(PDF, 1MB)


Cultural Liaison - English and Spanish

The Cultural Liaison Coordinator position was created to establish an effective working relationship between the Medford Police Department and the minority community it serves and protects.

The Liaison Coordinator assists hundreds of non-English speaking community members by coordinating bilingual presentations on Medford Police Department policies and procedures, State and local ordinances, and crime prevention.  She participates on numerous minority committees and in community events as a means to identity and address concerns expressed by community members.  She also assists this department and other law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations involving Spanish speaking individuals.

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please use the contact information listed below.

Cultural Liaison Coordinator:
Lilia Caballero


La meta primordial del departamento de Policía de Medford es la de proveer un servicio de manera justa e imparcial a todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad.
La posición del Coordinador de Asuntos  Culturales fué establecida para crear un puente de comunicación entre el departamento de Policía de Medford y las minorías de la comunidad; a la cual servimos y protegemos de una manera imparcial.

El Coordinador de Asuntos Culturales ayuda a cientos de individuos de habla hispana en la comunidad.  Organiza multitud de presentaciones educativas y de información para diferentes grupos locales y organizaciones hispano-hablantes.  Los temas varían desde robo de identidad, paradas de tráfico y temas relacionados a las pólizas y reglas del Departamento de Policía.  Participa  en varios comitees y organizaciones que ofrecen servicios a toda la comunidad; specialmente a las minorías en nuestra comunidad.  Ayuda a éste departamento y a otras agencias de policía locales en investigaciones que involucran individuos  hispano-hablantes.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, o necesita más información, por favor comuníquese a:

Cultural Liaison Coordinator:
Lilia Caballero


Photo Enforcement Program

Capture.PNGThe first red light cameras in Medford were installed in 2002, the system was completed in 2005. Medford Police entered into a new five-year contract with Redflex in February of 2020.

Medford currently has four photo enforced red light and speed on green intersections:

  • Stewart Av & Barnett Rd
  • Biddle Rd & McAndrews Rd
  • E 8th St & Riverside Av
  • E 4th St & Central Av


For questions or comments about the Photo Enforcement Program please contact Sergeant Steve Furst at 541-774-2203 or


Code Enforcement Online Request

Please complete the below information and provide as much detail as possible to assist us in locating the issue/concern. 


If reporting an abandoned vehicle, please complete the information regarding the vehicle, including the license plate and exact location of the vehicle in relation to the reported address.


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