Public Notices

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Public Hearings during COVID-19

At this time, meetings at which public hearings are held (including meetings of the Planning Commission, Site Plan and Architectural Commission, Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission, and City Council) will continue as scheduled.  

To comply with Governor Brown's order, public hearings will be conducted via virtual meetings on the internet.  Virtual meeting details will be released with published agendas one week prior to meetings. 

If you wish to testify, WRITTEN COMMENTS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.  In-person testimony/comments may be made during the virtual meeting.  Written comments that are submitted by the deadline will be made part of the record; you do not need to speak during the meeting to have standing to appeal. 


Notices of Public Hearing

Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission

 This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom, Webinar ID 824 8344 7354

May 4, 2021 

HC-21-116(PDF, 706KB) - Porter's Patio Addition

Planning Commission

This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom:
     Second Thursday:  Webinar ID 828 1063 4700
     Fourth Thursday:  Webinar ID 884 8749 5237


 June 10, 2021

ZC-21-078(PDF, 1MB) - Zone change, Highway 99/Charlotte Ann Road/Garfield Street/Belknap Road

ZC-21-123(PDF, 1MB) - Zone Change, Garfield Street & S. Holly Street

LDS-21-118 / E-21-119(PDF, 813KB) - Skyland Village Subdivision

LDS-21-124 / ZC-21-125(PDF, 1MB) - Field Crossing Subdivision

June 24, 2021 

CUP-21-136(PDF, 866KB) - Kids Unlimited Major Modification

LDS-21-134(PDF, 882KB) - Cascade Terrace Revision Phases 1-4

LDS-21-129(PDF, 876KB) - Hidden Hills Subdivision Phase 1


Site Plan and Architectural Commission

 This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom:
     First Friday: Webinar ID 891 5585 2192
     Second Friday: Webinar ID 891 5585 2192


June 4, 2021 

AC-21-131 / E-21-147(PDF, 652KB) - Southern Oregon Orthopedics, Airport Road and Biddle Road

June 18, 2021 

AC-21-107(PDF, 560KB) - Stewart Meadows Commercial Buildings

City Council

Meeting details will be included in the meeting agenda, which will be available one week prior on the City website.


June 3, 2021 

Second Amendment to the 2019/2020 Action Plan

June 17, 2021

 GLUP-21-090(PDF, 2MB) - Northgate Office Park




How To Testify


From time to time, you and your neighbors may become concerned enough about an issue in your neighborhood, or some other matter, to speak up about it in public.

In Medford and throughout Oregon, most public decisions concerning land use, zoning, budgeting, the enactment or change of laws, and many other matters, are required to go through a public hearing. Notices of public hearings are published in the newspaper, and in the case of some land use and zoning decisions, individual property owners in the area are mailed a notice. So, when you finally get motivated to speak up about something, do so! That is the purpose of the public hearing. But don’t waste your testimony!

Following are some suggestions for making the most of your opportunity to get the attention of decision makers, like the City Council, Planning Commission, or other decision making bodies, at a public hearing . 



Written comments are strongly encouraged.

Written comments that are submitted by the deadline will be made part of the record; you do not need to speak during the meeting to have standing to appeal.

What happens at most hearings is that testimony is reviewed by the decision makers with some assistance from their staff. If written testimony is specific, to the point, and persuasive, it will be given just as much attention as oral testimony. By necessity, oral testimony is limited in time so that more people can speak, but written testimony has no length limit. It may be effective to summarize your testimony orally and submit the details in writing. Written materials are most effective if submitted at least 10 days prior to the hearing, allowing ample time for review.


Be Prepared

Plan to arrive before the meeting begins. Although there may be other hearings on the agenda, there is no telling how much time they will take. Go ahead and sign in.