Riparian Inventory


image of medford oregon 1995 drainage basins On October 6, 2011, the Medford City Council adopted CP-09-098 and DCA-10-075 extending the existing protection program to an addition seven miles of stream in the city limits.

Those segments of street protected by the Riparian Corridors Ordinance are as followed:


  • Bear Creek: all of Bear Creek in the city limits of Medford.
  • Elk Creek: from Beall Lane south 0.05 miles.
  • Swanson Creek: from Crater Lake Highway west 0.38 miles.
  • Lone Pine Creek: from Bear Creek east 1.8 miles to Temple Drive.
  • Lazy Creek: from Bear Creek east 1.68 mil
  • Larson Creek: from Bear Creek east 3.9 miles to North Phoenix Road, and the south fork of Larson Creek from North Phoenix Road east 1.2 miles.
  • Gore Creek: from Bear Creek southwest 0.82 miles.
  • Crooked Creek: from Bear Creek southwest 2.08 miles.  


This Riparian Corridor Map(PDF, 322KB) illustrates those segments of stream that have been protected since 2000, and those segments that are newly protected as of October 6, 2011. 


Medford completed an inventory of the habitat along its waterways in June 2002.

The purpose of this project was to inventory riparian areas along streams in Medford and to assess riparian area functions.  "Riparian areas" are defined as "the area adjacent to a stream consisting of the area of transition from the aquatic ecosystem to a terrestrial ecosystem" in Medford's Municipal Code (Section 10.921).

A consultant has prepared two separate sets of maps.  The first set of maps delineates the streams and habitat.  The second set assigns a value to their function for flood control, wildlife habitat, thermal and water quality.


Medford Riparian Inventory Assessment: Bear Creek Tributaries (June 2002)(PDF, 259KB)