General Park Rules

1. Overview

City of Medford parks and facilities are established and maintained as areas of recreation, relaxation and enjoyment for the citizens of Medford. It is the intent of the City to maximize use of these facilities within the limits of space, design and accommodations available at each park site.

The primary benefit to an individual or group in applying for, and paying a fee, for a reservation is that they thereby have the area reserved and are entitled to exclusive use of that area (not including Bear Creek Greenway or pedestrian walkways).  If no specific reservation is requested, and laws and regulations are adhered to (such as traffic laws, amplified permits, regulation of competing uses, hours of operation etc) individuals may assemble in a City park without applying or paying for a permit to do so.

Additional fees may be assessed depending on the type of activity/event you are planning. Please be sure to call the department with as much information about your event as possible, so that we may assist you with your reservation. All fees must be paid at the time the reservation is made. Please visit the area you are interested in prior to any reservation to be sure it will accommodate your event.  

2. Maintenance:

Garbage and general park clean up is the responsibility of the permitte. Please bring large 33 gallon garbage bags to put your trash in, tie them and set them next to the garbage cans; the park crew will dispose of them. You are responsible for leaving the facility clean, if it is not you could be charged for maintenance. If your event is expected to draw 500 or more people, you should be prepared to provide a 3 yard drop box for every 250 attendees. Placement of the drop box should be arranged with the department.

3. Vending:

Land use regulations prohibit fund raising in a park except as follows: non profit corporation, organization or group whose income from the activity is used for the benefit of Medford residents, and no part which is distributed to members, directors or officers. Activity permitted if they are selling as part of the activity or event; they are raising money for activities they sponsor in Medford or for a local non-profit organization that serves Medford; they hold the City harmless for their activity; they limit fund raising by any one non-profit organizations to two events in one calendar year; and they apply for a permit and abide by conditions contained therein.

4. Alcohol:

No person shall consume alcoholic liquor in any public park, public right of way, street, sidewalk or alley. With approval of the Parks and Recreation Director, the sale and consumption of wine and malt beverages may be allowed in a controlled setting, with licensed service, at the following facilities: Vogel Plaza, Alba Park, Hawthorne Park, U.S. Cellular Community Park, Bear Creek Amphitheater. If requests are denied, the applicant may appeal to the City Council.  

5. Tobacco Free Facilities:

Tobacco, and smokeless tobacco products are prohibited inside and within 50 feet of all City of Medford facilities including restrooms.  

6. Vehicles:

Only areas designated by the Parks and Recreation Department will be available for shows requiring vehicle access. Any approved event, which need vehicle access on irrigated turf, may require a Parks and Recreation Department staff person to be present to help prevent damage to turf and irrigation systems. The direct cost for providing event supervision and marking of irrigation systems will be passed on to the event organizers.

7. Fencing/Staking:

If stakes are put into the ground the locations must be approved. Permittee is responsible for all damage caused to underground utilities. Events shall not block public access to a park by placing fencing or other barriers across walkways, or restrict movement from one side of the park to the other on public sidewalks.

8. Restrooms: 

While many Medford Parks are equipped with restroom facilities, these are generally inadequate for large events.  If Medford Parks and Recreation staff deem that the permanent facilities in any given park are inadequate for an event, the applicant may be required to provide one portable restroom unit for every 125 people estimated to be in attendance. Placement of the unit should be arranged with the department.

9. Firearms:

Firearms, fireworks, and explosives are prohibited from all public park areas.

10. Dogs:

Dogs must be on a six-foot leash, and in the control of a capable individual who must immediately remove any feces. There is an off leash dog area adjacent to Bear Creek Park and at Hawthorne Park.  Dogs are not permitted at U.S. Cellular Community Park.

11. Horses:

Horses, donkeys, or mules are not allowed in any park, the Bear Creek Greenway or on any pedestrian/bike path unless otherwise designated. Signs: Signs are not to be posted or displayed in the park unless prior permission has been granted.

12. Exotic Animals:

Exotic animals are not permitted in the park areas unless prior permission has been granted.

13. Barbecues:

Groups using gas barbecues must provide insurance to Medford Parks, Recreation and Facilities. With insurance gas barbecues are permitted at any park site except Prescott Park and U.S. Cellular Community Park.

14. Camping:

Camping is not allowed in any park area unless approved by City Council.

15. Amplification:

No person shall use any device to amplify sound in any park unless a valid permit has been issued. No person shall use sound producing or reproducing equipment between the hours of 10pm and 8am on public property or on public rights-of-way.