Fire and Life Safety Division


Welcome to the Medford Fire Department Fire and Life Safety Division. The Division performs a variety of tasks:

  • Issue permits for open burning, public events, firework displays and other activities.
  • Investigate the origin and cause of fires.
  • Inspect commercial buildings and other structures.
  • Work with landowners and community members reduce wildfire risks.
  • Review construction plans for fire protection systems.
  • Ensure land development plans provide for fire department access and water supply in case of a fire.

On this page, you will find applications for permits and other information.  Please call 541-774-2300 if you can't find what you need.

2020 Fire Marshal Report MFD 1.jpg(PDF, 1MB)


Open Burning & Residential Fire Pits

Open burning is not permitted inside the Medford city limits.  Open burning is permitted in Rural Fire Protection 2 with a permit.  Call Medford Fire at 541-774-2300 for help determining whether you are inside or outside the city limits. Restrictions on open burning are listed on the permit.

District-2-2022-Residential-Burn-Permit_2.pdf(PDF, 125KB)

Agricultural-Burn-Permit.pdf(PDF, 96KB)

Fire pits, portable fire appliances, and outdoor fireplaces are allowed inside the Medford city limits. A building permit may be required if construction is involved. Restrictions are listed on this handout.

Residential-Recreational-Fire-Pit-Guidelines.pdf(PDF, 223KB)


Some large public events may require a Fire Department permit, including most events at the Medford Armory.  Call Medford Fire at 541-774-2300 for more information.

Public-Event-Permit.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Medford-Armory-Event-Permit.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Event-Tent-Permit.pdf(PDF, 471KB)


The use of fireworks within the Medford city limits is prohibited during fire season except for July 1-6.  Fireworks are prohibited at all times in these locations:

  • Bear Creek Greenway
  • Wildfire risk areas (hillside areas)
  • City parks
  • Public schools

This handout provides more information about fireworks regulations in the City of Medford

Fireworks-Handout.pdf(PDF, 356KB)

A permit is required to sell fireworks or present a fireworks display.  Please call Medford Fire at 541-774-2300 for more information.

Fireworks-Retail-Sales-Permit.pdf(PDF, 116KB)

Fireworks-Public-Display-Permit.pdf(PDF, 117KB)

Food Trucks

Permits are required to operate a mobile food truck or food booth in the City of Medford.  Medford Fire's permit application is attached. Completing this form is required when you apply for a Business License:

Food-Vendor-Permit.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Contact Jackson County Environmental Public Health for their requirements regarding mobile food trucks and food booths.

Jackson County Environmental Public Health



Kids can help make their home a safer place by creating a Home Escape Plan with their family.  Parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate in the home inspection and make corrections if needed.

Sesame Street Fire Safety Color and Learn(PDF, 926KB)

Sesame Street Seguridad Contra Incendio(PDF, 950KB)

Lets Have Fun With Fire Safety(PDF, 2MB)

Divirtamonos Aprendiendo sobre la Seguridad Contra Incendios(PDF, 2MB)





Medford Fire's Wildland-Urban Interface specialist helps property owners assess their risk of wildfire.   Call 541-774-2300 to find out if your home is located in the Wildland-Urban Interface and to schedule a consultation. 

My Personal Wildfire Safety Plan(PDF, 13MB)

Be Ready, Be Set, Go!(PDF, 13MB)

Emergency Supply Checklist(PDF, 5MB)

Communities at Risk Report(PDF, 1MB)

Wildland-Urban Interface Home Evaluation(PDF, 898KB)

Wildland Evacuation Flyer(PDF, 517KB)

Wildland Protect Yourself and Your Community(PDF, 3MB)




This checklist is one tool businesses can use to assess the safety of their employees and property.  More information will be added soon.

 Business-Safety-Checklist.pdf(PDF, 210KB)


Fire Protection System Contractors