The City Recorder serves as the City's Elections Officer. The Elections Officer ensures that Medford’s information gets to the voters. This includes candidate information and ballot measures.

Ballot measures begin with the Mayor and City Council. They determine which topics are referred to the voters. Then, the City Recorder works with the City Attorney and many other staff to bring those matters to you. All of us serve as a support team dedicated to providing the Mayor and City Council's measures to you.

Want to be the Mayor or a Councilmember?

Do You Want to be the Mayor or a Councilor for the City of Medford? The City Recorder’s Office is where you begin. Our office provides candidates with the application and instructions to help you get started. During election years, this page will have helpful links, forms and information.

When Can You Begin? Voters elect the Mayor and Council during Oregon's biennial general elections. At the beginning of an election year, the City Recorder begins gathering information for you. We prepare packets for candidates with valuable information, including:
  • General information about Medford
  • Qualifications
  • Ward maps and information
  • Official forms from the Secretary of State
  • Political sign regulations
  • Campaign fund requirements
  • Deadlines to meet