I'm Ready to Submit My Building Permit Application

Permit.jpg You have all of the required documents completed and you're ready to apply for your permit. 

Please find below, instructions for submitting your application. 



Applications (pdf format) and associated forms and information should be emailed to the Building Safety department.  This is the first step in the process.  Once Building Safety staff have input your application into the system you will be notified.

  • If your permit type requires additional information to be submitted: plans, forms, etc., a portal will be opened for you to submit this information into our electronic plan review system, ProjectDox.  The tab-instructions to use ProjectDox is adjacent to this tab and entitled, Plan Submittal.


Plan Submittal

Step 1.Plans must be submitted through the electronic plan review system ProjectDox  

Step 2.PDox.jpg

ProjectDox is a web-based electronic plan and document workflow solution that allows citizens and government personnel to initiate and complete the construction plan submission, review, and approval process online, rather than using a manual paper-based process, thus replacing the traditional paper-based review method.

ProjectDox has had a substantial program upgrade.  Here's(PDF, 611KB) what's new in the update.  The updated ProjectDox Basic User Guide is coming soon and will walk you through the basic process.  This system allows you to electronically upload your plans and documents and, once approved, download the approved plans.  

Once a permit application has been input into the City of Medford's electronic permitting system, a portal will be opened to provide accessibility.  An email is then generated through this system inviting the applicant to ProjectDox.  

Quick Tips for Uploading Documents (refer to ProjectDox Basic User Guide link above for more detail):

  • All drawings to be placed in the Drawings folder
  • Single files for each upload
  • Naming convention: Sheet number and name, i.e. A1 SITE PLAN
  • Documents folder should include truss engineering, energy calculations, manufacturer specifications, geotech report, etc. and can be in a binder file.  Use the same naming convention as noted above.
  • Do not use special characters in the filename.


Instructions for generating reports and how to read plan comments will soon be available on this page.

Building Safety staff are here to assist you with any questions you may have.  Please feel free to call or email throughout any part of this process. 

Step 3.Once the documentation is complete 

Building Safety staff will determine the plan check fees and will contact you with a message through ProjectDox.


We are now electronic for all permit application and plan submittal.  If you are not able to email your application or upload plans, please call our office and staff will help you through the process.