Do I Need a Building Permit?

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The first step in any project is to determine if you need a permit.  Review the lists below to find out if you do, in fact, require a permit.  If you don't see your project on the list, please call or email us at and any of our staff will be happy to help you.

If you are building something; home, Accessory Dwelling Unit, deck, pool, etc., please check with the Planning Department first to assure you meet setbacks and what you're building is appropriate for the property zoning and use.  They can be reached at 541-774-2380 or

 Also be sure to inquire of any special programs your project may qualify for.


Permits May Be Required

Water heater

Landscape pipes

Retaining walls 4' or less

Above ground pool or spa

Repair sewer, water and/or storm drain lines

Patio covers

Re-roof on a residential structure

Window awnings

Sheds and other outbuildings


Wall additions or removal


 Please call for guidance.


Permits Are Not Required

Residential: concrete, sidewalks, driveway on private property

Painting buildings that are not historic landmarks

Fencing - contact Planning for height restrictions

Cabinets and counter tops

Swings or other playground equipment

Retrofitted insulation

Gutters and downspouts*

Interior flooring

Replace parts to existing heating and air system

Change out electric stove, cooktop, water heater (no gas)

Changing out light fixtures

Battery operated alarm system

Replacing water closet, lavatory or sinks to the exact same location

Replacing windows or doors of the same exact size

Deck less than 30" above grade


Permits Are Required

Adding square footage to an existing structure

Backflow device; new or replacement

Fencing around pools

Inground Pools

Pressure reducing valve

Refrigerator water supply

Replace sewer, water and/or storm drain lines

New and or upgraded tub or shower

Reroof of a commercial building

New or change out of heating and air system

Wood, pellet, fireplace inserts, gas logs

Electrical upgrades, alterations, extensions

Central vacuum system

Garage, attic or basement into habitable space

New stairway

New window or door openings or enlarging an opening



You've determined that you do not need a permit.  Have fun with your project!

You do indeed need a permit, please continue to the next step here.

You can find Right-of-Way permit information here.