Request an Inspection

Your Medford Building Safety Department offers onsite and (offsite) virtual inspections.  Before you request an inspection:

  • Verify the work is complete, pre-tested, uncovered and accessible
  • Have a copy of approved plans, permits and other paperwork on site

To schedule an inspection you can call the office and leave a voicemail any time, day or night.  You can call and ask a staff member to schedule an inspection or you can go to the website and schedule an inspection there.

All inspections called in by 7 a.m. can be scheduled for the same day.

If your project qualifies and you are scheduling a virtual inspection, please go to the Remote Virtual Inspection Program page for specific information such as to determine if your project qualifies and for other pertinent information.

By Phone

Step 1.Call 541-774-2350


Step 2.Press 1 to leave a voicemail with the permit number, site address, contact number and inspection type requested

  • If you'd like a call back, please indicate so, otherwise you can expect the inspection as scheduled
  • If your call is received by 7 a.m., your inspection can be scheduled for the same day


Log into the online payment portal

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 For inspections within the public Right-of-Way call Public Works at (541) 774-2100.

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