Residential Master Plan Program

House Plan



  • Name the Master Plan
  • Complete a New Residential Master permit application and submit it to the City of Medford Building Department at
  • The original plan will be reviewed by the Building Department at full plan review fee plus a one time $100 set-up fee.
    1. All items must be submitted that is required for each plan.
    2. Submit all options for each plan. We will sort them and create a Master Plan for each option.
    3. All beam calculations must be accurate. If there are substitutions for any beams they must be submitted at this point with the approved set. Remove any beams that will not be used on this plan.
  • After the initial Master Plan has been created and approved, these plans must be the ones submitted and must have Master Plan approval on each sheet.  We will electronically send you all files that need to be submitted as a package.
  • All subsequent submittals of the Approved Master Plan will receive a 50% plan check fee reduction.
  • Any deviation from the master plan will be charged an additional $75; i.e. beam changes from the approved set.
  • At time of submittal, application must indicate that it is a Master Plan and which Master Plan will be used. If there are any deviations from the Master Plan they need to be identified at this time.
  • Applicant must upload all documents and drawings with labels assigned to ProjectDox. ProjectDox instructional guide can be found here(PDF, 440KB).  Emailing documents and drawings are not allowed. Labels will be established with Master Plan approval.
  • Master Plan will be good for only specified subdivisions and must be approved by the City of Medford Building Department beforehand and is limited to the current code cycle.
  • A letter from the Engineer and Design Professional of Record is required allowing you to use their design for the Master Plans.