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About the Parking Committee

The Parking Committee advises the Transportation Commission on matters related to parking in the Central Business District.  









Term End

Navarro Chandler      Committee Member - RCC Rep      12/31/2022
Charlotte Cook Committee Member - Business Owner      1/31/2023
Stacey Derrig Committee Member - SOU Rep 12/31/2022
Vacancy Committee Member - Business Employee      1/31/2023
Stephanie Hitt Committee Member - At Large      1/31/2023
Amy Kahl Committee Member - Business Owner 1/31/2024
Tyler Jasper Committee Member - At Large 1/31/2025
Kelly Madding Staff Liaison  
Chad Miller Council Liaison  
Tiffany Perez    Committee Member - Business Owner 1/31/2023
Alex Poythress  Alt Council Liaison  
Kayla Samnath Committee Member - Business Employee      1/31/2025
Harry Weiss Staff Liaison  


Meetings are typically held the 2nd Thursday of the month at 8:00am in room 151 of the Lausmann Annex, located at 200 S. Ivy Street.

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Medford Municipal Code 2.447 - Parking Committee

2.447 Parking Committee.

(1) The Parking Committee is hereby established to make recommendations to the Transportation Commission on matters related to parking in the Central Business District. The duties of the Parking Committee, include but are not limited to:

(a) Establish downtown parking policies;

(b) Create plans for management of parking regulations and safety;

(c) Determine proper public use of parking;

(d) Provide protection of public structures and lots;

(e) Act as a forum to hear citizen grievances, objections and suggestions regarding parking;

(f) Consider requests for changes, additions and variances; and
(g)  Short- and long-term planning for parking as it relates to revitalization and development.

(2) The Committee shall consist of nine members.  The Transportation Commission shall appoint seven persons who are property or business owners, employees of businesses, or residents in the Central Business District or members-at-large. No more than two members may be a member-at-large.  In addition, there shall be one member who is appointed by Rogue Community College (RCC) as a representative, and one member who is appointed by Southern Oregon University (SOU) as a representative. All members shall be voting members.

(3) Term of office. Each appointed member shall serve a term of three years, with the exception of the members appointed from RCC and SOU. The RCC and SOU representatives will not serve for a specific term limit. RCC and SOU shall appoint representatives on an annual basis each February 1.

 (4) The City Manager’s office shall provide a staff liaison or other personnel for clerical or other assistance as deemed appropriate.

(5) The minutes of the meetings of the Parking Committee shall be filed with the City Recorder’s office.

 [Added, Sec. 2, Ord. No. 2010-27, Feb. 4. 2010; Amd. Sec. 8, Ord. No. 2010-81, Apr. 15, 2010; Amd. Sec. 11, Ord. No. 2012-157, Oct. 4, 2012; Amd. Sec. 9, Ord. No. 2013-003, Jan. 3, 2013; Amd. Ord. No. 2013-38, March 7, 2013; Amd. Sec. 4, Ord. No. 2013-133, Sept. 19, 2013; Amd. Sec. 2, Ord. No. 2019-129, Dec. 5, 2019.]