Cemetery Commission




About the Cemetery Commission

Commission makes recommendations to the City Manager and City Council regarding the funding and operation of Eastwood Cemetery.  The Commission also works to secure donations and bequests for the Cemetery Trust Fund.










Term End

 Lane Forncrook    Commissioner    1/31/2022
 Rene Rorncrook Commissioner 1/31/2022
 Bev Power Staff Liaison  
 Meg Klinko Hartmann      Commissioner 1/31/2023
 Brigit Hovelman Youth Member      6/30/2021
 Michael Palacios Commissioner 1/31/2024
 Rebecca Scott Commissioner      1/31/2024
 Vacancy Commissioner 1/31/2023


Meetings are typically held every other month on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in February, April, June, August, October and December at 12:00pm at the Santo Community Center, located at 701 N Columbus Avenue.

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Medford Municipal Code 2.204 - Cemetery Commission

2.204 Cemetery Commission

(1) The Cemetery Commission is hereby established and shall be composed of seven persons, one of which shall be a student from a high school listed in Section 2.470(1),  appointed by the Parks and Recreation Commission.  The Commission members shall be appointed for terms of three years to assure that all appointments do not expire at the same time.  The youth member shall be appointed by the Mayor for a one-year term.  Three-year terms for members other than the youth member shall begin February 1 and expire January 31.  The one-year term for the youth member shall begin July 1 and expire June 30.  The Commission shall meet at least quarterly and may meet as often as necessary to carry out its functions. The chairman of the Commission may call a special meeting at any time upon 24-hours notice to the members and the public.

(2) The Cemetery Commission shall be an advisory body which shall make recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Commission regarding the funding and operation of Eastwood Cemetery. The Commission shall also work to secure donations and bequests for the Cemetery Trust Fund.

(3) The Chairperson or designee will serve as liaison to the Medford Parks and Recreation Commission.

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