Register your Residential Rental Property

The City of Medford has established a Residential Rental Registration program to help enhance the quality of life, and ensure the safety of its citizens. The program is designed to assist the city's emergency services and public safety agencies in notifying property owners about any potentially hazardous situations and to prevent such situations from occurring in the future.



Here is what you need!

Step 1.Registration 

  • Please fill out the Rental Registration form

Step 2.Fees

  • $0.00 base fee for landlords with only 1 unit (registration is still required)
  • $40.00 base fee plus $1.00 per unit for landlords with more than 1 unit (for example, a landlord with 6 units total, would pay the $40.00 base fee plus $6, for a total of $46.00)

Step 3.Submit Form and Payment

  • Mail in your form with a check made payable to:
    • City of Medford, 200 S. Ivy Street, Medford OR 97501