Apply for a Mobile Food Vendor license


What you need to do!

Step 1.Step 1

  • First, please check in with our Planning Department to make sure your Mobile Food truck, trailer or cart is allowed to operate at the address you have selected
    • 541-774-2380

Step 2.Step 2

  • You will need to submit the following items for review:
    1. Medford Mobile Food Vendor application (filled out entirely - do not miss a question as this may delay final approval!)
    2. Medford Fire Department business information & check list (2 pages)
    3. Current drawing of your food truck, trailer or cart (include dimensions)
    4. A site plan, including: 
      • Location of unit on the site
      • Location of any structures on the site
      • Location and number of off-street parking spaces on the site
      • Paved vehicular access including driveway location
      • Trash receptacle, located within 10 feet of the unit
      • Dimensions of the area to be occupied by the unit, including any outdoor equipment (tables, seating, etc.)
    5. A copy of the permission letter from the owner of the property, stating that you have permission to operate your business there
    6. A copy of your Jackson County Health Inspection

Step 3.Step 3

  • Submit your application packet:
    1. By email:
    2. In person:  200 S. Ivy Street, Lausmann Annex, Second Floor
    3. Mail:  City of Medford, Attn: B/L, 200 S. Ivy Street, Medford OR 97501
    4. Fax:  541-618-1726

Step 4.Approval and Payment

  • The business license review takes approximately 1-2 weeks 
  • Once the review is done, you will be contacted by our department for payment (via email or phone)
  • FEES: Annual fee $100 / Annual Infrastructure Impact fee $100 / $50 application review fee
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, check or cash (all credit cards will be charged a 2.69% processing fee)
  • Payments can be made online (link will be provided) or in person with check or cash
  • Once payment has been made, you can request a copy of your license be sent to you by email or a hard copy by mail within 7 business days