Apply for a Marijuana Business License

Have you gotten your OLCC certificate to sell marijuana and want to open a business in Medford?  This is the correct business license for you.

How to apply!

Step 1.Step 1

  • You will need to submit the following items for review: 
    1. Medford business license application (filled out entirely - do not miss a question as this may delay final approval!)
    2. Medford Fire Department Business information & check list (2 pages)
    3. Marijuana Supplemental Form
    4. A copy of your OLCC Marijuana certificate
    5. Current floor plan (including dimensions, showing interior rooms, windows and doorways, etc.)

Step 2.Step 2

  • Submit your scanned application packet to us by email:  Or you can bring it in to our office.

Step 3.Approval and Payment

  • The review process takes approximately 1-2 weeks *If you have any open Building permits at your location, your business license application will be placed on HOLD until final inspections have been done and approved.  After that, the review process takes approximately 2-5 business days to finalize.
  • Once the review process is done, you will be contacted by us for payment (via email or phone)
  • License fee is $100, as well as a $50 application review fee
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, check or cash (all credit cards will be charged a 2.69% processing fee)
  • Payments can be made online (link will be provided) or in person
  • Once payment has been made, you can request a copy of your license be sent to you by email or a hard copy by mail